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Independent Contractor Code of Ethics Agreement


wedotranslation inc. (herein also referred to as "The Company"), and/or any parent, subsidiary or affiliated entity,


Independent Contractor (herein also referred to as "the Contractor")

1.0  Professional Conduct

  1.1  The Contractor shall fully recognize that all work undertaken by him/her on an individual basis will ultimately reflect upon the reputation, business image and integrity of The Company.
  1.2  The Contractor shall share his/her knowledge with colleagues (i.e., The Company's employees and The Company's other Independent Contractors) in a spirit of mutual assistance.
  1.3  The Contractor shall not abuse the good faith of The Company or be guilty of a breach of trust or unfair tactics in respect of another Independent Contractor, including but not limited to:
    1.3.1  a Contractor taking credit for work performed by another Independent Contractor; and
    1.3.2  a Contractor making malicious, false and injurious statements about The Company or another Independent Contractor.

2.0  Skills and Qualifications

  2.1  The Contractor shall not claim any skills or qualifications that he/she does not possess, and shall accept work only in fields in which he/she is competent. The Contractor shall refrain from making misleading statements regarding his/her level of competence or his/her certification.
  2.2  Before providing a professional service, the Contractor shall take into account the limitations of his/her abilities, knowledge and the means at his/her disposal. Specifically, the Contractor shall not undertake work for which he/she is not sufficiently prepared, without securing the necessary assistance or information.
  2.3  The Contractor shall keep up to date with new techniques, specialized Terminology in areas of his/her choice, and current usage.

3.0  Integrity and Confidentiality

  3.1  All information submitted by The Company to the Contractor shall be confidential and may not be reproduced, disclosed or divulged to any party without the written consent of The Company.
  3.2  The Contractor shall conduct his/her professional activities with integrity, fully respecting the rights and interests of The Company and The Company's clients and the confidentiality of all information obtained.
  3.3  The Contractor may be released from this obligation only with The Company's written authorization or when so ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  3.4  The Contractor shall promptly inform The Company of any error committed in the execution of his/her assignment that is liable to be detrimental to The Company and/or to The Company's client(s).
  3.5  The Contractor shall take reasonable care of property (including but not limited to intellectual property, terminology information, subject matter information and otherwise) entrusted to him/her by The Company and The Company's clients and may not lend such property or use it for purposes other than those for which it was entrusted to him/her.
  3.6  The Contractor shall avoid indiscreet conversations about The Company and/or The Company's clients or the service rendered to The Company and/or The Company's clients and shall not make use of confidential information to the detriment of a The Company and/or The Company's clients or with a view to obtaining, directly or indirectly, a benefit for themselves or another person.
  3.7  The Contractor shall ensure that his/her staff and associates do not divulge confidential information obtained in the performance of his/her duties for The Company and/or The Company's clients.

4.0  Objectivity

  4.1 The Contractor shall remain neutral, impartial and objective, and scrupulously refrain from altering or interpreting material for political, religious, moral or philosophical reasons, or any other biased or subjective considerations.

5.0  Faithfulness

  5.1  "Every translation shall be faithful and render exactly the idea and form of the original – this fidelity constitutes both a moral and legal obligation for the translator". – International Federation of Translators (FIT). The Translator's Charter (approved by the Congress at Dubrovnik in 1963, and amended in Oslo on July 9, 1994)
  5.2  Every translation shall be faithful to and render exactly the message of the source text - this being both a moral and legal obligation for the Contractor. (A faithful translation, however, should not be confused with a literal translation. The fidelity of a translation does not exclude an adaptation to make the form, the mood and deeper meaning of the work felt in another language and culture.)

6.0  Quality and Presentation  (See also: Professional Liability)

  6.1  The Contractor shall ensure that his/her work will be of a high quality and, in the case of translations, shall be neatly presented and free from keyboarding errors. Where feasible and appropriate, the format of the translated (target) language document shall reflect the format of the source document.
  6.2  The Contractor shall be accountable for his/her work and must recognize and acknowledge errors, omissions and/or mistakes and make best efforts to rectify them even when the assignment has been completed, such as to avoid or mitigate potential liability and damages.

7.0  Copyright

  7.1  Where applicable, The Contractor shall respect all copyrights or other rights vested in the author of the source text.

8.0  Application of This Code of Ethics

  8.1  This Code of Ethics shall apply to any Contractor (document translator or otherwise) who is acting as, but not limited to, reviser, editor, copy editor, proofreader and précis writer.

9.0  Responsibilities to The Company and/or The Company's Clients

  9.1  The Contractor shall at all times acknowledge The Company and The Company's Clients right to consult a colleague, a member of translation association or any other competent person.
  9.2  The Contractor shall endeavour to establish a relationship of mutual trust with The Company and The Company's Clients.
  9.3  The Contractor' conduct shall be characterized by objectivity, moderation and dignity.
  9.4  The Contractor shall carry out his/her assignment in compliance with the professional standards set forth by this Code of Ethics.
  9.5  The Contractor shall exercise high standards of ethical conduct, thus preserving the dignity and integrity of their profession, and promote the professional development of The Company and other language professionals.

10.0  Working Conditions

  10.1  The Contractor shall always endeavour to secure conditions conducive to the careful performance of his/her work.

11.0  Availability and Diligence

  11.1  The Contractor shall provide The Company with explanations necessary to the understanding and appreciation of the services rendered.
  11.2  The Contractor may not unilaterally terminate an assignment unless he/she has fair and reasonable grounds for doing so, including but not limited to circumstances where:
    11.2.1  the Contractor has been misled by The Company, or where the The Company has failed to co-operate or has interfered unduly;
    11.2.2  the Company attempts to induce the Contractor to commit illegal, unfair, immoral or fraudulent acts;
    11.2.3  the Contractor is in a situation of conflict of interest or a situation in which his/her professional independence or objectivity could be questioned; or
    11.2.4  the Company refuses to acknowledge an obligation respecting expenses and fees.
  11.3  The Contractor who terminates an assignment shall take all necessary measures to avoid causing serious, foreseeable injury to The Company and The Company's client(s).

12.0  Professional Liability

  12.1  The Contractor shall accept full responsibility for his/her work. In the practice of his/her profession, the Contractor shall assume any and all personal liability associated with his/her work or conduct. The Company shall not assume any responsibility or liability, of any kind, whatsoever, for a Contractor's work or conduct. The Contractor is thus prohibited from inserting in a contract for professional services a clause that directly or indirectly excludes all or part of such liability. In the event that any person makes any claims against The Company for any damages, costs, expenses, etc., then the Contractor responsible agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless The Company from any such claim and all associated legal costs.
  12.2  The Contractor is encouraged to obtain a professional liability insurance to protect The Company and The Company's Client(s) in case of damages resulting from an erroneous translation.

13.0  Fees

  13.1  The Contractor shall promptly inform The Company of the scope, terms and conditions of the assignment conferred on him/her, and shall secure The Company's written agreement with respect thereto.
  13.2  The Contractor shall inform The Company of the approximate anticipated cost of his/her services, except where it may be reasonably assumed, by virtue or an existing pre-agreed upon standard fee, that The Company has already been so informed.
  13.3  The Contractor shall charge fair and reasonable fees for his/her professional services and take the following factors into account when determining such fees:
    13.3.1  their experience;
    13.3.2  the time required to execute the assignment;
    13.3.3  the complexity of the assignment;
    13.3.4  the scope of the assignment;
    13.3.5  the liability assumed; and
    13.3.6  the need to perform unusual services or services requiring exceptional competence or speed.
  13.4  The Contractor may not charge interest on outstanding accounts without first notifying The Company in writing prior to the acceptance of any and all assignments delegated to him/her by The Company.

14.0  Accessibility of Records

  14.1  The Contractor shall respect The Company's right to view any and all documents concerning The Company and its client(s) that are kept in any record created with respect to The Company and its client(s), and to obtain a copy of such documents.

15.0  Deadlines

  15.1  The Contractor shall carry out all work assignments within the agreed upon deadline.
As adapted from a variety of sources, including and primarily from the Code of Ethics of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta.

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